Dear Traveler

Experience and luxury are two words that constantly echo in my mind when I reminisce about my travels spanning over 30 years and 100 countries. However, my most treasured memories are not those of a pristine beach, an opulent six-star hotel room, or a specific Michelin-starred meal. Instead, I have come to treasure experiences that have been carefully and intentionally woven together from myriad uniquely remarkable threads like a rare fabric.

Luxury is not merely a meticulously crafted object or an expensive bottle of wine. Rather, it emerges from the way furniture, art, and fine objects come to life in a particular room, surrounded by a unique landscape, kissed by a gentle breeze, shared with a friend or loved one, and presented with a warm gesture or smile.

Nature, culture, architecture, design, and service are the uniquely remarkable threads woven together with thoughtfulness and attention-to-detail that create an unparalleled experience at each Opal Estates property. With intention and purpose in weaving these threads, we elevate the meaning of luxury to the experiential realm.

We invite you to join us and share in the luxuriously woven experience of Opal Estates.