Nature, architecture, art and design, service and culture, are the carefully chosen threads that are interwoven to create the fabric of your experience in an Opal Estates property. Each property offers its own journey and adventure drawing on the unique local aspects of these threads. However, underlying the bespoke identity of each of our estates, is common theme of attention-to-detail and luxury.


Windswept dramatic cliffs, the seclusion of a private natural pool, rolling dunes perched over an endless beach; you will find the kind of wondrous natural beauty that instantly disarms you. The raw untamed landscapes from which the foundations of each of our villas spring forth, will take your breath away.

Architecture & spaces

The forms, shapes, colors, and materials in each of our villas, contribute consciously and subconsciously to the fabric of your individual experience. And beyond the walls and beams, every Opal Estates property is a journey of discovery; a discovery of hidden spots and sweeping scenic viewpoints waiting for you to create that perfect moment and indelible memory.

Art & design

Throughout each estate, you will find a carefully curated collection of the manifestation of human creativity. Harmonious unions of local and international art and designs will peak your creative spirit; carefully selected to harmonize with both the space and occupant.

Services & amenities

From the welcoming smiles of our team upon your arrival, to the caress of the sumptuous linens as you retire for the night, our service and amenities will exceed your expectations in every way. However attentive or quietly present you wish, we are here to help you indulge and enjoy every moment of your stay.


A world of adventure and discovery awaits you in every destination. Our concierge services will help you venture out to explore the local cultures and experience that gives them their allure, and brings their visitors back with an insatiable thirst for more.