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Villa Sophia’s setting combines the seemingly endless white sand beaches of the Punta del Este and Jose Ignacio coastline with the iconic rolling hills and pampa land of the Uruguayan countryside. The fusion of rustic Uruguayan culture with international fine designs gives guests a wide range of tastes and experiences. A truly unique adventures awaits...

Morning start

As the sun rises over the Atlantic ocean revealing the crashing waves on the beach, the expansive landscape comes alive across Villa Sophia. Picturesque mornings gently invigorate the spirit and fill guests with the energy for the day to come.

Art & Design

Clean, precise Japanese inspired designs flow into Balinese style communal areas which descend to classic Uruguayan beach architecture offering guests a varied aesthetic journey.

Sun & water

Waves crashing over the beach of Villa Sophia like a serene melody, constantly reminding us that we are on the doorstep of the vast unobstructed Atlantic Ocean.

Body & soul

Whether a stroll along the beach, lounging in the spa and the 35 meter infinity pool, or a traditional Uruguayan asado in the Beach Pavilion, the body & soul are constantly being imbued with positive energy at Villa Sophia

Meet the authentic Uruguay

Myriad choices to experience the renowned Uruguayan culture await; from world class restaurants to Uruguayan country lifestyle, to the burgeoning artistic community and enclaves along the coast. One only needs the desire to explore to discover this hidden gem in South America.

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