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Ilha do Japão, a luxurious jungle private island, combines a dense rainforest jungle environment with exceptional Bahian and Indonesian designs & architecture to create a dreamlike private island experience. With 2 suites and 3 bungalows, up to 10 guests find their every need catered to with 5-star service, organic garden meals, myriad adventure activities and access to the iconic Brazilian flares of Angra dos Reis.

Morning start

Wake up to the sounds of tropical birds, glistening jungle and calm sea surrounding the islands of Angra dos Reis. A morning paddle board or sea kayak around the island through a pod of dolphin will fill your heart with good energy that will endure long after you leave Ilha do Japao.

Art & Design

Local and international art and designs adorn the structures that sit a top of the revelation of the island. Equally stunning are the natural and designed landscape and gardens on the island combining local and wider Brazilian flora. Vibrants colors explode in all directions.

Sun & Water

Sun and water symbiotically bless the island and its guests everyday. Venture out on a boat touring across the calm lake-like waters in Angra dos Reis and experience what makes Angra one of the most beautiful place in all of Brazil. Secluded beaches at the foot of jungle mountains leave the observer breathless.

Body & Soul

Adventures for both the body and soul abound, all that is left is to choose. Whether a hike through the jungle to a world renowned beach, a climb of a 1,000 meter peak, white water rafting in the thundering jungle rivers or a paddle board to surrounding islands; a sunset meditation or yoga session completes the body and soul journey for the day.

Meet the authentic Angra dos Reis, Brazil

Whether is it the scrumptious Brazilian culinary delights, flowing bossa nova music from our local island musicians or the sounds and sights of Rio de Janeiro, guests can experience all the amazing culture Brazil has to offer.

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